Wednesday, March 3, 2010

With the opening of tomorrow's event there has also been a bit of reflection regarding all of those that have contributed to our successful project.
I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that extended themselves: from The ARD TV in Germany to local resident Michael T. Jones that lives in the abandoned school across the street, a brilliant conversationalist that could use a hand.

It is with the highest regard that I thank all of the local Detroit support- there are so many. But if it were not especially for David Runk, Philip Cooley, Erica Hill, Tom Stoye, and the Michigan State Land bank, this project would not have gone off in the same manner, if at all.

It should be noted that The Michigan State Land Bank's Executive Director Carrie Lewand-Monroe, and Development Specialist Khalilah Burt both extended themselves for a community based project in a manner that is not so commonly seen in other states. It is because of their continued interest in community stabilization, and their goal of fostering the development of the blighted, tax reverted properties that they got behind our project from the very beginning.
I am extremely pleased to hear that it is still the State's intention to go ahead with the deconstruction rather than the demolition of the property at 3920 McClellan St.
If they have continued interest in working with us on the property, we hope to lease it in the future, and to further it's use as a beacon for constructive dialog between the far east side residents and those outside the city limits.

To the Michigan State Land Bank- thank you for keeping Michigan a productive State.