Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1

Hello all Ice House enthusiasts. First I want to send out a thank you to the many of you that have been stopping by with warm regards and hot chocolate! Hearing so many of your personal stories has been the most rewarding and motivating aspect of this project. Without the positive feedback and sense of excitement I have received from the local community, creating this tiny beacon of icy light in a mostly disregarded section of Detroit would not have been possible. I cannot stress that enough.
During my time here I have explored the surrounding neighborhood extensively and I would estimate that nearly 1 in every 4 homes is either in a state of disrepair or completely abandoned. And although many have chosen to view these conditions with apathy, my point of view is one of optimism for the future driven by a sense of nostalgia for this neighborhood's past beauty. Amidst the soaring oaks that line these spacious blocks remains a modern and organic grid filled with possibilities that perhaps the fresh eyes of a new generation will bring to fruition. The Ice House project seeks to demonstrate that in much the same way -- as building materials are reclaimed from the many abandoned houses in Detroit, so to can the affected neighborhoods themselves be repurposed through the creativity, spirit, and sense of community clearly demonstrated by the residents themselves.
-Gregory Holm